Friday, October 10, 2008


Today I'm reminiscing. Forgive me.

A couple of quotes I don't want to forget:
"Sidewalk faggot motherfucker", courtesy of a San Franciscan bum.
"She was older than you, but she was still good-looking!" Courtesy of a domestic on Kearny St, San Francisco.
"Something funky with skin on top." Courtesy of a song playing in the Pacific Tradewinds Guesthouse, San Francisco. Not exactly sure what he's singing about, but sure doesn't sound appetising.
"The Sugar Loathhh," courtesy of our Rio tour guide, wo/man.

"Fez? What the hell is in Fez? That's for her to find out."

I want to raise my kids in San Francisco. Hopefully it'll still be standing in 10 years time. Hopefully the Giants will have won a game or two by then.

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