Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Semi-Permananent 09. Pictures are going to have to describe it as words don't do it justice.
Drew came to see me off. And then my dad unexpectedly showed up. So I was farewelled nicely.
The sky was doing a pretty sunset thing.
12 hours and little sleep later I was sitting beside Darling Harbour.

The reason for it all. Tamara and Dean.

I had a few days to myself and took a trip to China.

Year of the rat.

Look how close I got!

Lunchtime. Chinese quiche?
Happy wall.

He's so endangered he has no eyes.

Pretty design element.

Night at the museum-esque.

If only they were all this way.
Skeletal guy riding his skeletal horse.

Museum station was full of these rad old ads.

Moran Portrait prizes. I just thought it was funny that this painting - depicting a boy urinating, drawn in sharpie - was in the running for the $150,000 prize.
This photo made me cry. The grandfather has dementia and can be very moody but the grandmother sticks by him and looks after him with unwavering dedication. Pretty beautiful story, perhaps because it's so simple. It's just love.
Hello my pretties.

Ducks are people too.

Homeward bound. Flying still doesn't sit right with me. So much turbulence. And sitting on a plane next to a lady who mutters to herself isn't as fun as it sounds. Well, there it goes. All done for another year.